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Written on November 03rd, 2006 by Shawn Anthony

My final semester of theological study at the undergraduate level was marked by a warning offered me by the president of my alma mater (Valley Forge Christian College). The president warned me that my leanings toward liberal religion would result in the destruction of my family and life. He was almost right. Thank God I saw liberal religion for what it is … and then returned home to live a Christ-centered life.

6 Responses to “Prodigal, Go Home.”

  1. Wow. :(


  2. Wow? Wow what, Halden? Say more?


  3. I have always had issue with the term “Destruction of Family” . The ideology of My way or the Highway from religious leaders is a bit over the top.


  4. I understand your point Halden, but must defend this President. He was as far away from the “My Way or the Highway” mentality of which you speak. Honestly, I experienced more freedom - religious and academic - under his leadership at that private, conservative, evangelical, Christian college than I have any where else (that includes liberal religious institutions too, which are not as free as one would think).


  5. I cannot help but praise the Lord with you, Shawn, for embracing Christ as you have done. I love the “spiritual journey” graphic at the top. May your most recent leg of the journey be your home.

    Rick Beckman

  6. Rick, thanks. The Lord be praised, indeed. It’s good to be home. I suppose I must admit that I had to ‘leave home’ before I cold really ‘come home’ and live the house authentically. I’m home, thanks to the love, work and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. God is good. P.S. You keep up the fantastic writing over at your blog too! It looks great!


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