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A great amount of responsibility is loaded onto the minister’s shoulders. A spiritual leader is afforded more initial trust than any other leader in the everyday world. A minister should be seriously cognitive of this fact. He should respect the position he occupies. He should tread forward into his calling with fear and humility. A minister also represents a larger church and tradition. An aspirant should be aware of his duty to the larger church and tradition he represents. The ministry is not for “lone rangers” or singularly focused mavericks.

One Response to “A Minster’s Serious Responsibility”

  1. Amen. . .

    Unfortunately in the case of Unitarian Universalism aka UUism all too often the ministry is for “lone rangers” of various types, to say nothing of singularly focused anti-religious mavericks who preach Sunday sermons proclaiming that God is a “non-existent being” and that belief in God “seems primitive”. . .

    Robin Edgar

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