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One day, in a land far, far away (actually, it was in my ridiculously expensive studio apartment in Hollywood, CA), a wonderful yet disillusioned fellow tried to convince me that the marijuana plant was a gift from God (because it grew naturally, of course). A gift of God such as this should be used, at least according to this wide-eyed guy’s logic! So, marijuana smoking was perfectly acceptable - if not a practice in divinity. I threw a wrench in his so-called rational machine by simply stating that poison-ivy also grew naturally, but I know of no one who would dump ranch dressing on it and call it a salad. The moral of the story: “Just because it is there, doesn’t mean it is from God.”

5 Responses to “In a Land Far, Far Away”

  1. hey, we lived in a ridiculously expensive studio in hollywood too! btw, cool new look :)


  2. Makeesha - No kidding! Where at in Hollywood? Mine was on Orchid Ave, 1 block behind Mann’s Chinese Theater.

    Shawn Anthony

  3. We were on the other side. On Wilton between Melrose and Santa Monica. We were almost West Hollywood. We played racquetball at the Y in W. Hollywood, right across from the Hostel and right next to the GLBA community center.

    David worked a couple blocks from the Mann


  4. If it’s natural you can be pretty sure that it is from God. . . Who else might be responsible for natural things?

    Robin Edgar

  5. It is the use that is in question (i.e., the plant is natural and from God so therefore its use is justified). The use is wrong, and can’t be attributed to God just because it is a natural product.


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