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It is official! Lo-Fi Tribe is now evolving in the reliable environs provided by Media Temple. I left my old host due to serious reliability issues. The last week has been nothing short of frustrating as I wrestled in vain with “the dreaded white screen of death” (blank pages, no errors, just white), MYSQL errors, connectivity problems, slow load times (I’m talking molasses people), and the server wanted me to download almost every .php file, rather then opening them itself. In other words, my site was borked. It is all good at Media Temple, Lo-Fi’s new and permanent home. I now have 100 GBs of premium storage, 1 TB of short-path bandwidth, Host up to 100 individual sites and 1000 e-mail accounts. What else will I ever need?

Now, I’m off to inquire about my past purchase of a lifetime Mixed-Grill Account with TextDrive. Yes, I bought into a lifetime account with TextDrive. Lo-Fi Tribe was hosted on TextDrive’s infamous Gilford, and yes I paid for a lifetime. I’m hoping the good folk at Joyent and Textdrive will let me simply change the domain name associated with my lifetime account, and let me keep it. I would like to have the server space I paid for, but not to host this blog. I need way more reliability for Lo-Fi Tribe.

Well, I’m off to investigate my Mixed Grill options. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: The folk at TextDrive just informed me that I can change my domain name. So, I can keep the lifetime account I bought! What to do with it … is the question.

UPDATE: I am a student, living off of a student’s wage. I can not, therefore, float the costs of two websites (one of which is doing nothing, really). So, as a result of my necessary move of this blog from a lifetime account to a monthly paid account, I am trimming the fat from my online life. Folkography will be axed on January 8th, unless a dedicated and orthodox Christian believer wants to take it over (I’m into building online communities and then giving them away, eh?). Things happen…

UPDATE: I do apologize for the odd repetition of my fun “Christmas Prophet” Flickr image which exists - for the time being - below the fold of this blog. LOL! I am so sorry!

9 Responses to “Host Jump: From TextDrive to Media Temple”

  1. If somebody more able doesn’t step up, I would gladly carry on the Folkography. It’s a fantastic idea I’ve supported ever since I was surprised to see myself as the second member. :P Just lemme know.

    Rick Beckman

  2. Rick - You got it buddy. I’ll get you the info after Christmas.

    Shawn Anthony

  3. Well, if someone who’s capable of taking Folkography into the stratosphere (so to speak) steps up, by all means they can head up the project. I can give it a “loving home,” but it’s by no means a mansion. :)

    I hope you enjoy MediaTemple’s hosting; I’m using their GridServer account for my sites, and though there have been quite a few MySQL intermittent outages, they only last for a few seconds at a time. It’s a known issue which they are tracking on their system status page. So, don’t be surprised if it shows up for you as well. Other than that, it’s fine hosting.

    And building communities and giving them away? Hey, it is Christmas, is it not? :D

    Rick Beckman

  4. Right on, Rick. Folkography is so young, it needs a loving home. I will transfer everything to you after Christmas. We will need to exchange some private emails and figure out how to do it. Since you already have a Media Temple account, it might be a matter of just switching a few account details and touching base with MT support. I’ll get with you soon.


  5. I’ll keep an eye on my inbox for it, Shawn. :)

    Rick Beckman

  6. Cool. I’ll get on it right after Christmas.

    Shawn Anthony

  7. I’ve been very pleased with media temple except for, as Rick mentioned, the problems they had right after switching to the grid server. Above all else I’ve had only great interaction with their customer service. I think you made a wise move.


  8. I love Media Temple. The move was pretty uneventful, thank goodness. I did manage to completely bork my RSS feed and feedburner. I’m still working that issue out …

    Shawn Anthony

  9. When I was using Feedburner (prior to my site’s being hacked to pieces several weeks ago), I found it pretty easy to break my feed beyond usability using their service. When things are going smoothly, Feedburner is fantastic, however, and I need to remember to sometime soon set up an account for the Timothy’s Burden.

    *adds to the todo list*

    Rick Beckman

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