Published: December 27th, 2006 » Tags: Sayings

Praxis247 is complete! So, what is it? It is now - officially - the extendable online hub for Praxis. Praxis is a weekly gathering of people in Lancaster City who are dedicated to theological and philosophical dialog and a whole lot of coffee drinking. I am a firm believer in real-time community. I do not believe for a moment that the Internet and “WEB 2.0″ will ever replace face to face meetings, conversations and/or gatherings. It will never happen. The Gospel of Jesus Christ requires a bit more than the Internet actually provides. I do think the Internet can be used as a very edifying supplement to the physical gathering. This is what Praxis247 is all about (thus, the addition of “247″ to the title!). So, stay tuned as this ball gets rolling!

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