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Written on January 05th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

Dark Room is fantastic! Cool! A flippin’ godsend even! “Why am I so excited,” you ask? Well, I’ll tell you why! I have finally found something for my Windows powered PC that will let me write with minimal - absolutely minimal - distraction. There are no tool bars full of tool bar buttons, no red, blue, or orange e-mail flags, no sudden alerts, no mechanical sounds, no blinky paperclips, no mind-numbing IMs, no time-sucking web temptations and no … well there is nothing! There are zero distractions! There is only you and your text! Imagine it!

Here is a screen capture from my PC. You will have to imagine it minus the browser, which does not appear when in use, obviously.

So, if you are one looking to rid your writing life of as many computer generated distractions as possible, and want the equivalent of a blank an old word processor screen, then grab Dark Room for Windows. It’s awesome, I tell you. Awesome. This application will be great for sermon writing.

4 Responses to “A Writing Life Free of Distractions with Dark Room”

  1. Very interesting. I’ll have to give it a try.


  2. I always took you for a Mac guy, bro. I’m stuck on windows until I actually can afford to join the resistance. :)

    Shawn Anthony

  3. Looks like back to the future - that’s what the old computer screens looked like 25 years ago: green type on a black background.

    Bill Uhrich

  4. Right on, Bill. I think that’s how far back we have to go to find less distractions! Why multitask anyway?

    Shawn Anthony

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