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Written on January 05th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

Go on! Fight inter-galactic evil by adopting a test tube alien today! What in the world is a test tube alien? Well, Alien Adoption World describes the whole process: “Due to the ravages of evil forces, the planet of Naratuko is dying. This has forced the alien race there to revert back to a chrysalis state to travel through the universe. They’re looking for a sympathetic life form to nurture them back to life in a fully grown state. They’ve landed on earth - now their survival is up to us!” You can purchase an alien kit that comes with a bunch of stuff that will help you out as you lovingly hatch and care for alien critters (including six packages of the life-giving Sloog Food and an Intergalactic Space Bracelet). You also get two alien chrysali with each kit. You can choose two good aliens (Kurion & Tatsuni), two evil aliens (Shako & Dodex), or one of each (Takon & Yagoni). Grab a kit and do your part to help inter-galactic relations!

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