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Written on January 05th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

I live on the East Coast, Eastern Pennsylvania to be specific. We used to have a variety of seasons ’round here. It was lovely. I sort of became used to going through the cycle of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. So, it’s now January 5th, on the East Coast, in Eastern PA, and I have yet to see a snow flake, or even turn on the heat in my home. Seriously, I have not yet turned the gas on in my home. It’s January 5th!

2 Responses to “East Coast Skipping Winter 2006-2007”

  1. Just testing something! Ignore this!

    Shawn Anthony

  2. It was 70 degrees today! January 6th! WoOT!!! This is just another comment test (database problems today).

    Shawn Anthony

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