1000 Wells

Written on January 06th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

Let’s think about Jesus’ use of the word “Father.” Jesus referred to God as “Father.” Think about that identification for a moment. Think about it in it’s 1st century Palestinian setting too, as much as you can. “Father” in Jesus’ day carried strong connotations, I’m sure. A “Father” in Jesus day was offered a sort of love, obedience and respect that flies in the face of certain ideas and notions regarding the idea of “Father” in these contemporary times of ours. I can’t begin to imagine a father in Jesus’ 1st century Palestinian who could be shaped and molded into his children’s desired image … Oh, but do we shape and mold today! We have cart-fulls of Jesi (plural for Jesus); we have a multitudes of “Fathers.” Somehow we have superimposed a goofy, shapable image of Father upon Jesus’ Aramaic “Papa.” No, not in that 1st century world. Papa would have carried an equal amount of love and respect and fear (a healthy fear rooted in acknowledged authority). It is the respect and fear part that is avoided today, and vehemently so.

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