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Written on January 07th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

I’ve been saying the following about postmodernism ever since I arrived at seminary: “This brings me to my final point about the postmodernist positions I’ve been describing, and that is, postmodernists tend to think of themselves as left-wing, and their views as liberating and emancipatory, but in fact they are none of these things at all. Postmodernist hyper-relativism has no political implications of a positive kind at all. If history really is nothing more than propaganda, then there’s nothing to say it has to be left-wing propaganda, it can just as easily be right-wing propaganda, or racist propaganda, or neo-fascist propaganda, as the High Court in London decided in the end that David Irving’s writings were. If we don’t believe it’s possible to distinguish between truth and falsehood, then we have no means of exposing racism, antisemitism, and neo-fascism as doctrines of hate built on an edifice of lies, indeed we have no real means of discrediting them at all. We can say of course that we disapprove of them in moral and political terms, but neo-fascists can just put forward opposing moral and political arguments of their own in response, and in the end there are no objective criteria by which we can choose between the two positions.” - Postmodernism and History by Richard J. Evans (Source: Butterfiles and Wheels). Do read the full article. It is solid.

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  1. I truly enjoy reading your takes on things like postmodernism and such because you’ve had much more experience (first hand) than I have. Keep up the great writing on these topics, I love it.


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