1000 Wells

Written on January 12th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

I launched myself headlong into my M.Div independent studies for January. I’m taking one class dedicated to Anabaptist Theology (Anabaptism is one of three foundational theological/traditional streams of the Brethren in Christ. The remaining streams are Pietism and Wesleyanism/Holiness). I’m also enrolled in another independent study re: Art, Theology and Worship. I’m excited to jump into readings for both (heavy readings), but I must confess the difficulty I am having putting down the Missional/Church Planting materials in which I have been almost totally submerged for a few weeks now. I need way, way more hours in the day. I also must admit that I really wish seminary would allow us to shape our own M.Div program. I love independent study and get so much more out of it than I do normal classroom sitting. Blah on the cookie-cutter, out-dated, archaic pedagogy and academic model, especially when we are talking Ecclesiology and Theology, contextually. Move on already! For the sake of God, Christ and Church (literally!).

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