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Written on January 14th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

This is just an update on the post directly below this one! Praise the Lord! We are members! My wife and I (and several others) shared our testimonies with the congregation during the New Member/Baptism service tonight at our local Brethren in Christ church. It was an awesome, awesome service. The three baptisms (which were done in the traditional trine fashion characteristic of the Brethren in Christ) deeply reminded me of the deep, deep historical and traditional roots Biblical Christianity claims. This simple act - baptism - has been performed in the name of Father, Son and Spirit for 2000+ years. This fact alone is something incredible to consider and contemplate. Biblical Christianity is as deep, rich and relevant as ever, in spite of exaggerated tales of its death.

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  1. I would definitely agree with you on that last sentence! It’s amazing, baptism. We know that it’s only an outward sign of an inward change but there’s still so much meaning and significance to it. I praise God with you and your family, Shawn.


  2. Right on, Ben. It’s (a right relationship w/ God) a great place to be … and with my family! I bet that you can attest to that too! For me, from now on, it’s all about Christ, Family, Ministry and friends … like you (though we have never actually met!). Keep up the good work over there at Switch. *cough* How about a PR7 link for Lo-Fi from the front page *cough* … :)

    Shawn Anthony

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