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Written on January 14th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

Tonight is a happy night! My family and I are off to a Sunday night service! No, it’s not just any ‘ole Sunday night service. It’s a Sunday night service wherein we will once again become members of the church (denominationally and locally speaking) in which our wonderful journey began! My wife and I were both baptized into the Brethren in Christ Church, more than 10 years ago. My son was dedicated in the B.I.C. in ‘98. So, it’s good to be home again, to say the least. There is no place like home. Praise God!

2 Responses to “Our Journey back to the Brethren in Christ Church”

  1. Congrats man, I’m happy for you.


  2. Thanks bro. It’s all good.

    Shawn Anthony

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