1000 Wells

Written on January 21st, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

I am a movie theology aficionado! I absolutely love it when armchair theological commentary is offered up freely in popular film. It’s fun! I may not actually attempt to assimilate movie acquired theology into my personal Christian faith, life and/or practice. Odds are I won’t be doing so, in fact. Heck, I may not even endorse it as Biblical, or wise. Movie theology is, however, flat-out entertaining. It can even result in some knee-slappin’ fun! It’s all about interpretation …

The first installment of a series of posts concerning movie theology comes to you from the wise, earthy and ever rational Everett (George Clooney). Everett is a character forever immortalized in the film O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Theology In Popular Film: O Brother, Where Art Thou?’s Everett, On the Limits of Baptism & Absolution as Regards the State!

SCENE: Everett (Clooney), Delmar and Pete are driving an auto down a dusty road and reflecting on Delmer and Pete’s spontaneous decision to be baptized in a river. Everett is behind the wheel, shaking his head in disbelief over Delmer and Pete’s conversion to Christianity. Pete is sitting beside him in the passenger’s seat. Delmar is sitting in the back seat of the car. Pete and Delmar are both dripping wet from their baptisms.

PETE: The preacher said it absolved us.

EVERETT: For him, not for the law! I’m surprised at you, Pete. Hell, I gave you credit for more brains than Delmar.

DELMAR: But there were witnesses, saw us redeemed!

EVERETT: That’s not the issue, Delmar. Even if it did put you square with the Lord, the State of Mississippi is more hardnosed.

DELMAR: You should a joined us, Everett. It couldn’t a hurt none.

PETE: Hell, at least it woulda washed away the stink of that pomade.

EVERETT: Join you two ignorant fools in a ridiculous superstition? Thank you anyway. And I like the smell of my hair treatment - the pleasing odor is half the point. Baptism. You two are just dumber’n a bag of hammers. Well, I guess you’re my cross to bear.

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