1000 Wells

Written on January 22nd, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

I think color has much to do with presentation and representation. Color speaks volumes about what is going on beneath visible surfaces. Subconscious color choices can give us a deeper and discerning peek into attitudes, feelings and potential possibilities. Premeditated or conscious color choices can set the tone of our agenda and seriously influence present & future direction. A cheerful effort - regardless of the specifics of said effort - will be represented by bright colors, most of the time. Simplistic colors - like black and white - can also be used to move or direct eyes toward a specific and pure target, such as textual content published by an online newspaper or weblog. Color is so important in our everyday lives and cumulative journeys. Color and its effects are simply amazing.

The patterns and relationships shared by colors is another story completely. I’m not at all prepared to comment on how this sort of thing works, or if it even works at all, but it is very, very interesting to look at, nonetheless. I finally discovered a great little java applet that will display a website as a graphical form. Its color branches, arrangements and overall forms are fascinating. The images below are a few examples of websites in their representative graphical forms.

I fed three different pages of this weblog into the applet. The first graphic is a representation of the front page of Lo-Fi Tribe; the second is my Colophon; the third is my Themes page.

Lo-Fi Tribe as Graphic

I also fed the three websites of the front running 2008 democratic candidates for President into the applet, just to see if there were any telling graphic differences. The first graphic is a representation of Hillary Clinton’s website; the second is Barack Obama’s graphic; the third is John Edward’s site (which incidentally is a far superior website that beats the competition like a 6th grade bully on a elementary school playground).

Lo-Fi Tribe as Graphic

Any graphical interpretation of any of the above is yours and yours alone! Have fun!

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