1000 Wells

Written on January 22nd, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

The pastor with Sovereign Grace Ministries in San Diego writes about being a student of our context and knowing people outside of Christ — not just by name, but by heart too! He uses sharp triage imagery to illustrate our need as ministers of the Gospel of Christ to distinguish between dire emergency and routine visit. The pastor, in other words, challenges readers to set aside fruitless theological debate and spend some very fruitful time with our unsaved neighbors. He writes. “I think this approach guards me from the temptation to smugness and to think that the intramural disputes of the church are of immense significance. How many points of TULIP must one believe to be a true Calvinist? That is a very interesting discussion and there are only so many hours of the day — and if that debate takes me from the time needed to be with a few secular folks, then maybe that debate is an indulgence in theological nuance.” Now, I’m not Reformed, or a Calvinist, but what he writes is very relevant to me, nonetheless. I think that is the point!

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