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Written on January 22nd, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

Tony Compolo spoke a few times in chapel during my undergraduate studies in Theology at Valley Forge Christian College. His were some of the most exciting and moving sermons I have heard, to date. His visits were also normally accompanied by more than a little controversy and a bit of protest. There was, at one point, a real live picket-line to be crossed on one of the mornings he spoke at VFCC. The protestors were not at all pleased that Compolo was there and speaking too! He is an exciting fellow, to say the least. He is also a master story teller. The stories he tells in his sermons speak so loudly of Gospel. They speak of Jesus Christ in terms of sharp, simple and relatable words and imagery. My favorite Compolo story is the Disney Video Story. The Video Story is a retelling of the time he rented a bunch of Disney videos for a hurting bunch of 11 year old girls whose lives took a bad, bad turn. It is a story which moves beyond mere words. There is another great Compolo story posted at Dream Awakener (The Jesus Manifesto - The Value of a Hug). Do make time to read it. There is nothing quite like the Gospel of Christ, I promise!

2 Responses to “Tony Compolo’s Imagery and Story”

  1. Love your site. Compolo has so many good stories doesn’t he? Peace.

    JR Woodward

  2. Thanks JR. I appreciate it. Yes, Compolo is a master @ story telling.

    Shawn Anthony

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