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Written on January 24th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

I’m in the process of updating a few of my custom Wordpress themes for the uber slick and ultra shiny Wordpress 2.1. The really, really old themes in my make-shift catalogue will be discontinued, immediately. Some of my themes are too plugin dependent for the plug and play times in which we live and microwave. They really should have been retired long ago. So, the oldest ones are heading for the incinerator, tonight. Do not fret! Wordpress themes are biodegradable and very environment friendly!

A Wordpress 2.1 Theme

I do have a couple of brand new custom themes in works! The first one is called “Stone”. It will be released for download shortly. It is a theme for the Christian blogger, or anyone else who has an aesthetic penchant for a stone angel standing in front of a stone cross. Stone is not really built for - or intended for - modification. So, download it, activate it, apply preferred widgets to the “as-is” condition you see before you and you will be well on your way to a very happy blog experience.

Here are a few specs on Stone: It is XHTML & CSS Standards Compliant; Widget ready; plays nice with Firefox and IE 7; & it is built for use with Wordpress 2.1. Enjoy! Download Now!

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