Written on January 25th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

The Sublunary Series is slowly but surely expanding. Stone and Water are now joined by Air. I mentioned earlier that each theme in this series aesthetically reflects the name attributed to it in some form or fashion; be it by color, design, layout and/or my own graphic design imagination. Air follows suit. It’s kind of hard to try to graphically express “air”, but I gave it a good shot, I think.

You can peruse all the themes in the Sublunary Series at the Demo Site.

A Wordpress 2.1 Theme

Air will be released for download shortly. It is a very light, quick, one column theme. Air is, like Stone and Water before it, a theme intended to be used as is, right out of the proverbial box. It is not, in other words, meant for modification. So, do add your widgets, but use it as it appears. It plugs and plays nice, so far.

All of the themes in the Sublunary Series are XHTML & CSS Standards Compliant; completely compatible with Automattic’s Widgets; work great with Firefox and IE 7; & are built for use with the 2.1. version of WordPress. Air is faithful to this tradition of high standards. Enjoy! Download Now!

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