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Written on January 25th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

I have another new Wordpress 2.1 theme to add to what now seems to be developing into a new group or series of themes that I have appropriately tagged as my “Sublunary Series”. First came a theme called “Stone,” and now I add “Water” to the series. Each theme aesthetically reflects the name given to it in one form or another, at least in my own little world of graphic interpretation. I enjoy doing things like this, as a sort of therapeutic break or purposeful distraction from theological study. We all need a few hobbies, right? Right. It also keeps other parts of the mind fresh and sharp.

A Wordpress 2.1 Theme

Water will be released for download shortly. It is a theme totally free of .gif, .jpg or .png graphics, In fact, there are zero graphics! It’s all done by CSS. Water, like “Stone”, is not meant for modification. So, do add your widgets, but use it as it appears. It plugs and plays nice, as far as I can tell.

Stone is XHTML & CSS Standards Compliant; Widget ready; plays nice with Firefox and IE 7; & it is built for use with Wordpress 2.1. Enjoy! Download Now!

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