1000 Wells

Written on January 27th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

So, are you interested in mapping New Testament social networks? I hope so! The days in which we live are all about social networks and social networking! You can also check the co-occurrences of names in the New Testament too, just in case you do not find networking as interesting as you should. Honestly, what this site accomplishes in a matter of clicks would have taken hours upon hours of study to accomplish a few years ago. Thanks to Many Eyes, you can look at these 1st Century social networks in a matter of seconds. Yes, you can examine all of the social networks formed in the New Testament, according to name. Be sure to click the names shown to highlight the social connections shared with others by that person. Jesus obviously has a lot of social connections, as does Paul and Moses. John the Baptist, desert-dwelling anti-social that he was, still shared a lot of social connections. Poor Melchizedek and Philip the Evangelist only had one friend - Jesus. Judas Iscariot was well connected too.

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