1000 Wells

Written on January 27th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

SCENE: Dr. Eleanor “Ellie” Arroway (Jodie Foster), Richard Rank , Palmer Joss, David Drumlin and President Lasker are assembled for an emergency advisory meeting with the President of the United States in the briefing room at Camp David. The emergency? A mysterious signal of unknown origin is being broadcast to earth in a mathematical sequence structured on prime numbers. The signal, as a result, is determined not to be artificial, but the intentional product of an advanced alien civilization.

Contact’s Richard Rank On Aliens and How To Discern Alien Evil.

RANK: My coalition’s phone lines have been flooded with calls from concerned families, wondering if this message signifies the end of the world or the advent of the rapture. We feel that U.S. policy in this matter wants to be extremely conservative - if there’s any chance of danger or threat to our way of life perhaps the message and its contents should simply be disregarded.

DR. ELLIE: This is absurd.

RANK: The Bible states that God made man in His own image. From everything I’ve been told it’s highly unlikely the creatures who sent this message resemble human beings in any way, shape or form, ergo, they are not of God; and therefore by definition evil. My constituents simply want to know what their government plans to do to protect them.

DR. ELLIE: Ms. President, forgive me but I thought this was to be a serious discussion of policy and technical issues, not a war council against Satan’s minions.

PRESIDENT LASKER: Mr. Rank’s organization represents the point of view of tens of millions of families, Dr. Arroway. Feel free to disagree, but there won’t be any suppressing of opinions here today.

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