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How Do Visitors Experience Your Church?

A video documenting a son taking his dad to church. Dad hasn’t been to church in over twenty years. This is a big church, folks. Police actually direct traffic, if I heard the son correctly. Too, Dad & son are attending the 4:00 PM Sunday afternoon service. So, dad’s jump back into church is accompanied by a big, big splash. Dad’s final thoughts: “I like it! I want to come back. Only thing is, I don’t want to get the flu. There’s a lot of people. There’s a lot of flu in here somewhere. I liked the service. The music was beautiful.” The video, in all seriousness, challenges us all with the idea of guests in our services. It is something about which we should think long and hard. It’s good to see dad’s and sons going to church together. Lord, keep the flu away from him! Praise the Lord!

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