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Written on February 03rd, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

I really dig gawking at and collecting images of Jesus. I don’t think I have ever stumbled upon a Jesus image collection quite as good as the one hosted by mattstone.blogs (nevermind the site’s overarching dedication to a syncretistic sort of pluralism). I especially enjoy the Anglo Jesus image wing. If you are aware of any other collections of Jesus images, drop me a note! Visual interpretations are so interesting, no?

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  1. The Emerson Avenger

  2. LOL. That is a great one, Robin.

    Shawn Anthony

  3. Well, there is the “Jesus of the week” site but it is tongue in cheek and very satirical. Like the Jesus Pan which allows you to burn his image into tortillas. Probably best to think of the site as a warning about what pop culture (sometimes evangelical culture even) can do to sacred icons!


  4. Right on, ck. Some of the worst Jesus expressions I have ever seen have come from what I like to call “yesterday’s evangelicalism”.


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