By Shawn Anthony

Can a consumer church be transformed into a missional church? Yes, it is possible! It will take a heap of work, and more than a little help from the Holy Spirit, but it can be accomplished. A well written article published at Leadership Journal highlights the specifics relevant to a transformation of this sort. I especially took note of what the writer (Chad Hall) referred to as the “Two Distractions” that can thwart missional transformation. Hall writes: “But if being missional is the essence of being the church, why isn’t every church missional? Because many churches have turned attention to matters that distract and deter from the mission. Two main distractions often block a congregation’s missional expression.” What are these two distractions? Hall continues, “The first is self-preservation. The institution is the means to do the mission. The church serves the mission, not vice versa … The other primary distraction is church growth. When the emphasis is on bringing the world to the church, the church’s mission of going to the world can get lost.” Ponder it. See article: Missional Possible: Steps to Transform a Consumer Church into a Missional Church.

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    Shawn Anthony

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