Written on February 04th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

My pastor preached an incredibly powerful sermon this morning about Christianity and culture. It was a powerful, powerful message. I listened to it twice too, because I played a part in the 9:00 and 10:30 AM services. It was awesome. A portion of the sermon was dedicated to exhortation re: the many, many “gospels” vying for hearts and minds in this postmodern culture of ours. There is without doubt no small number of heretical alternatives to orthodox Christian doctrine, faith and practice. Most of these alternatives sometimes look & sound very much like the real thing, but diverge in subtle but spiritually detrimental ways. My pastor had a picture of Elvis Presley displaying on the two big screens in our sanctuary and quoted one of his less celebrated lyrics to make the point. The lyric was from a song titled “Devil in Disguise”. It goes a little something like this: “You look like an angel. Walk like an angel. Talk like an angel. But I got wise. You’re the devil in disguise.” I think that is a seriously relevant lyric for the 21st century, Postmodern Christian sojourner. I know it resonated with me.

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