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Written on February 16th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

I took a break from some serious community building and loaded the family into our snow drift bustin’ Honda Accord and set out upon some pretty awful road conditions. Why? Well, to catch the 4:50 PM showing of The Bridge to Terabithia, of course. I also really needed a break from the study and web design stuff too. We had a great, great time at the cinema! We loaded up on way, way too movie popcorn. We drank a gallon of lemonade. We all took a break and took in a fantastic movie! I loved Terabithia. It is a wonderful, wonderful story. It’s also a great example of a healthy use of computer animation. The animation did not get in the way of the story, thankfully. The kids loved it, well most of it. They were very, very sad at one point. I won’t play spoiler for those who have not read the book or seen the movie. So, I’ll just say it was a movie my kids will not soon forget, thanks to the emotional ride upon which they were carried away fantastically.

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  1. I am glad to hear that the special effects did not become the story, which really has little to do with the fantasy world and more to do with coming of age. After seeing the teasers, I kept thinking to myself, “Oh, they’ve ruined it…some things are better left to the imagination, etc., etc.” I might actually take my wife to see it this weekend (don’t think my oldest (5) is ready for it yet).


  2. Yeah, the teasers are not even close. The teasers make it seem like the whole movie is animation, but it exactly the opposite. There is very little animation in contrast to story. The whole movie is really centered upon imagination. It’s really well done, IMHO. Yeah, the one part of the movie would be pretty tough on a five year old, I think. My youngest (7) were pretty moved by the event. My oldest handled it pretty good, but was still upset. It was a good movie. I remember being terribly upset watching E.T., back when I was just a kid.

    I’d say go see it, Scott. It’s well done.

    Shawn Anthony

  3. I could not agree any less. This film was a disappointing travesty of filmmaking. It should have been rated PG-13 or even R, since the content was adult-themed and very disturbing. Many people were openly crying or leaving the theatre when the girl died. It is being mis-promoted through the hook of good graphics, when the graphics only take up about 1-5% of the film itself. What a horrible waste of time and money.


  4. Wow! You sure didn’t like it, Saur. I can sympathize with the reasons you cite. We were pretty shocked and surprised when the girl died. I suppose that’s what happens when we don;t read the book first!

    I’m honestly glad the graphics were limited to 1-5% of the film. It was more about the “sttroy” than the graphics. Too, Tarabitha is about imagination. So, I would rather the film concentrate or emphasis imagination instead of painting the whole picture completely for me.

    That said, I can appreciate your point of view.

    Shawn Anthony

  5. Thanks Shawn. In a former life (before kids) my wife was a middle school language arts teacher. She used to teach this book in her classes. She’ll be even happier to hear that the animation is only 1-5%. I read another review yesterday, too, that said that Patterson’s son (whom the book was written for) helped write the screenplay. That right there should have been a good indication of how the movie was going to turn out.

    The only thing I can say to Saur is go read the book before you completely judge the film. I do, however, empathize with you since you were expecting a magical fantasy tale. It’s all in the teaser. Disney probably kept away a lot of people who thought the book was being butchered (like me), but have now alienated many others.


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