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Written on March 11th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

Dear lofitribe readers: I have received more than a few e-mails addressing me as “Christus Victor.” Precious readers, my name is Shawn, not Christus Victor. Christus Victor is the title attributed to the classic, or dramatic view of Jesus Christ’s Atonement. I have placed a Christus Victor graphic image in the header to celebrate Christ’s work, and to identify with the first 1000 years of Christian thinking on the subject, not to self-identify as such. The confusion is cute, I admit it. It would be downright sexy had it not come from folks actually running dedicated Christian blogs! At any rate, peace all over the place! My name is Shawn. I love all my readers, even those who think I am Christus Victor! I am not, most assuredly!

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