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Paying Attention to Resources is Good

Ben Gray just published a post re: his blog’s (Open Switch) use of Media Temple server resources. Ben is an awesome guy, as many, many people are aware. There is good reason for his standing in this community: he regularly helps us all do better! Ben outlined the troubles re: his site’s GPU issues at Media Temple and helped the community in the process, again! He helped me, to be sure. Thanks to Ben’s post and subsequent comments, I discovered that I too have a resource hog squatting on my server space at Media Temple. It’s name: MINT! Granted, I put it there, but I had no idea. Check out the resource graphic (Note: Media Temple customers can access this graphic and other important resource info by going to Urchin Analytics, “Pages & Files”, then go to “Page Query Terms” and then look at the top scripts in the list):

Urchin Analytics

I am dumping Mint. It is an unnecessary resource hog, at least in comparison to everything else living on my server space. I’ll instead be using Google Analytics to track my site’s statistics. Too, Analytics is free. It isn’t as pretty as Mint, but it is free and will use none of my server resources.

UPDATE: I’m keeping my Mint, dang it. I have tried everything else over the course of a month or so … and nothing - absolutely nothing - can take the place of Mint. Once you use Mint, you will be ruined for all other stat apps. So, I’m running Mint again (besides, I think I was misreading the resource numbers, according to the below comments). Mint is back and I am happy.

So, thanks to Ben’s post about his concerns with resources at Media Temple, I discovered the Urchin Analytics’ graphic, which revealed my own resource hog. Thanks Ben! My site is much thinner as a result. Thin is good.

Note: Ben’s post also introduced me to this bit of revelation too, re: Media Temple: “By request, (mt) Media Temple is currently developing a GPU analysis tool that will help our users diagnose what specific resources are causing GPUs to be consumed. This tool will be available in the Account Center along with the current GPU reports control.” Great news for Media Temple customers who pay attention to their spent resources!

6 Responses to “Paying Attention to Resources is Good”

  1. i’m using idlogger ( for web statistics, it’s very powerfull and affordable.

  2. Right, I suspected as much. That is why I said that “in comparison to everything else, MINT was a hog. 83% is a pretty big gulp from even 20%. Granted the next highest resource 9.77% will go up now that MINT is gone, but the 20% will go down, I’m guessing. The key for me “unnecessary”. MINT is not necessary, given all that Analytics does, so the trade off (trimming down the 20%) seems worth it. Thank you though for your comment! It is appreciated.

  3. Arron Says:


    I’ve commented over at Ben’s website and I was wondering what the graph was of? It has a count value and you have roughly 26,400 page query loads? And I guess this is where my question comes in, as I understand it you have GPU’s at media temple and you are given 1k per month, so I’m wondering how taxing your website was with mint installed? If you’re only using 200gpu’s then you’re effectively only using 20% of your GPU’s and of that 20% Mint is using 83%. This of course is no real concern, however, 80% GPU usage would be.

  4. Yep. I dropped the Mint tables too. I dropped the entire database (which used a ton of resources too!). Google Analytics it is! Thanks for the heads up, Ben. Good work.

  5. Ben g. Says:

    LOL! I discovered the exact same thing about my Mint installation (clicky)and just removed it from my server completely. I dropped the tables and everything. I’m using Google Analytics now for my stats and for my subscriber count I’m using Feedburner again.

    Thanks for the link, btw.

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