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I stopped by my home office between classes to grab a little bite to eat and quick check my e-mail. Much more exciting than the Banana Nut Muffin I was snaking on was the e-mail message from Richard Tatum informing me of my top 20 position on the PneumaBlogs list! I ranked 4th. Awesome. Thanks, Rich!

Yes, a very serious Charismatic streak is an active aspect of my overall Christian expression and devotional practice. One does not spend five full-time years in a theology program at Valley Forge Christian College without being seriously influenced by intentional Spirit-filled living. The intentionality is contagious. I cherish my undergraduate days, and the life-lessons I learned there about the Holy Spirit and a life and ministry infused by Him. Yes, we have talked about the Holy Spirit at seminary, on occasion, but discussion is where it seems to end; I’ll say nothing about differences as far as intentional and public invitations regularly offered to the Holy Spirit, to come, and be joined in all that we do - everything! It’s honestly like night and day. Yes, I learned all about the Holy Spirit during my undergraduate study. I thank God for that time spent.

So, for those keeping an “Expression Scorecard,” the above paints me: “A radical Brethren in Christ, Anabaptist, Pietist, Wesleyan, Spirit-filled Charismatic follower of Jesus Christ and his simple, yet revolutionary Gospel.”


Valley Forge Christian College is a private, Pennsylvania Middle States Accredited, Assemblies of God undergraduate college.

Richard Tatum is aka BlogRodent and chief guru of the Pentecostal and Charismatic blog aggregator PneumaBlogs

6 Responses to “Practicing Charismatics in Life, Living, and Study”

  1. I seem to share your multiple traditions spiritual confession, Shawn. Even as a licensed Assemblies of God minister, I find a lot of disconnect between myself and many of my denominational peers.

    “Pacifist, Theistic Evolutionist, Emerging, Mystic, Ultra-Charismatic Pentecostal?” Does that even make sense?

    Will Phillips

  2. You’re quite welcome to the list, Shawn! I was happy to find your blog, and even happier to add it to my little list of PneumaBloggers.


    Rich Tatum

  3. Will - Makes perfect sense, my friend. I think most of us are like that, truth be told. :)

    Rich - Thank you! I’m in awe of what you have built over at PneumaBloggers (i.e., technically, quality, and community). Well done! I’m honored to be included.


  4. I’m not a Pentecostal or a charismatic (though my best friend is), but I relate to many of your labels! God bless!

    Keith McIlwain

  5. Hi Shawn …thanks for this awesome themes, looking really sweet ;-)



  6. Thank you, Mic! I must say, however, that Flash dog on the site linked to your name is much smoother than any little Wordpress theme I could whip up! It’s awesome.


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