Published: April 13th, 2007 » Tags: WordPress Themes, Blogging

Wordpress Themes Update: I just added another Wordpress theme to the lofi catalogue: Hematite. “What in the world is a Hematite,” you ask? Google is the way; do some research. I’ll say this, it still sort of fits my whole “Sublunary Series” theme. Too, you can peruse my themes at my live theme viewer. Note: my live theme viewer is a sandbox too. So, you’ll usually find unfinished things and works in progress growing there.

One more note, re: the whole “Sponsored Wordpress Theme” brouhaha emerging in the Wordpress community. You can read all about it at Matt’s place, and at Weblog Tools Collection. You can also vote on banning or keeping sponsored themes from Wordpress.org at WP Community Forum.

Personally, I think Matt is right: sponsored theme links/downloads should not be hosted at Wordpress. Furthermore, to show my support and give back to the community in an positive way, I switched the licensing on all my themes to GPL. I think Small Potato (a cool theme designer) said it as good as it could be said: “… I believe that switching to GPL is a step in the direction to support the WordPress team and to help the WordPress theme community grow (positively).”

So, in the spirit of community, I say enjoy my themes! Peace & blessings!

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