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The Week’s Must Read Blog Posts 04262007

Viewing the Virginia Tech Tragedy Through a Community of Faith: “While I needed to come back to Los Angeles, my heart is still with my first church plant at Virginia Tech - [nlcf].”

On Losing My Speedo: “My car is a wonder of modern American disposable engineering. A cheap compact with no frills and over 140 thousand miles, it astounds and delights me every time the engine cranks over (I am part Scot). Lately, in addition to various other mysterious signs of aging, the speedometer just stops working at random. Mostly it works, but it can cut out at any time.”

The Twixters Phenomenon & Ministering to 20 Somethings: “If you are ministering to people in their twenties I think it is of incredible importance that you take time to consider the ‘twixter phenomenon.’ What is a twixter?”

Culturally Savvy Staub (Part 1): “Dick Staub has just come out with a book called The Culturally Savvy Christian, where he lays out the cultural situations that Christianity finds itself in today … He also desires to help Christians relate back to our current culture in a God honoring way.”

Biker Jesus Action Figure: “Okay, now I’ve seen it all! Biker Jesus action figure. There’s also Rodeo Jesus, Surfer Jesus, Football Jesus, Soccer Jesus, and ‘Will Work for Food’ Jesus.”

Allelon: Video Interview with Ryan Bolger on Emerging and Missional Churches: “There is great half-hour video of my PhD advisor, Ryan Bolger, where he discusses what emerging churches and missional churches are.”

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