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Five Lies That Ruin Relationships

Published: May 09th, 2007 » Tags: Reform

So, the other day I posted an article re: our country’s need for immigration reform, and even more importantly than that, the need for Christians to treat poor and needy people as they themselves would like to be treated if they were poor and needy. I’m not sure where I got that crazy idea from; I think Jesus said something to the effect in the Gospels. Somehow, however, our American nationalism always seems to find a way to be superimposed over authentic Christian living and honest discipleship. I have a serious news flash for folks who enjoy this sort of superimposition: the Gospel trumps your nationalistic sensibilities, and it will not be draped by anyone’s flag. Sorry.

So, a big ‘ole pipeline of serious right-wing sounding “Christians” has been opened up … and they are flowing straight into this blog via comments and e-mails from my contact form. I’m not sure who’s sending them here (link?), but they are here in droves. I don’t know any of them, but they are feeling comfortable enough to say some pretty nasty things to me. Here’s a few e-mails that were just sent via my contact form (grammar and spelling errors are included, of course):

Carol wrote: “What you people are doing is WRONG. Defying illegal immgration laws is a horrendous thing for you to do. For years you have fought for seperation of church and state, now you want to change it. These people are not here because of political abuse or war, they are here because they do not obey the laws of this country. I am a Christian and I can tell you that I am ashamed of you and denounce you as true “Christians”. How much money has big business paid you ti get involved? You are contributing to the makings of a civil war here. The American people are fed up with this invasion and theft of OUR rights and sovereignty; our jobs and our social systems. Why don’t you start picking up the bill for these people. because we taxpayers are tired of supporting them! You are disgusting and should be prosecuted for your violation of our laws. If you care about them so much, go to Mexico and work to make their country better for them to live in.”

Raymond wrote: “You are so out of touch with reality it’s amazing! You have compassion for illegal aliens as long as your not the one who is paying for it. All your really concerned with is adding more members to your church. What ever happened to the separation of church and state? You are a hypocrite and I truly hope you rot in hell.”

Susan wrote: “I am for US CITIZENS ONLY … the illegals from ALL countries need to apply and enter our country properly. Jumpin’ the fence doesn’t make you an AMERICAN for GOD’S SAKE!!! A TRUE BLUE CHRISTIAN AND IRAQ WAR VET! (I have lived 33 years on the border and I am not a bigot! I am a US Patriot!) GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!”

Wow! It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Seriously, if Christianity is about love and sacrifice for neighbors, then I’m afraid a lot of people in this country of ours who call themselves Christian are seriously missing the point of the Kingdom of God. Sad, really. God, I really hate this left/right thing going on in our country. It is like regurgitating vomit in your mouth. Honestly, it is! FYI: I’m no member of the left or right, thank you.

Note: I’m sure I’ll get tons more venomous notes, I’ll collect them and do something creative with them.

15 Responses to “Do Not Drape Flags Over Jesus of Nazareth!”

  1. Somewhere in the Gospels? What are those?


    Rick Beckman

  2. Hey Rick! What’s up brother! So, you dropped in to stir up an already restless rabble! You instigator! :)

    Good to hear from you, brother. I hope all is well.

    Shawn Anthony

  3. I’ve been lurking for a while, still read just about everything via RSS. Lovin’ the various iterations of the style here, though. I have to check in periodically just to keep up on that!

    But I couldn’t resist the temptation to sprinkle fuel on the fire!

    I hope all is well on your end as well.

    Rick Beckman

  4. Probably a nice google search.

    The odd thing is that economically and ethically speaking, immigration continues to be the best thing that ever happened to America.


  5. @Rick - Feel free to sprinkle fuel anytime, my friend.

    @Kyle: Maybe a few came from Google. I have found some odd, password protected referrals too. Here’s one. So, I’m just speculating out loud. I agree with the rest of your comment too, Kyle.

    Shawn Anthony

  6. That’s fantastic. I didn’t know that you went plural. You people sure do a fine job on this blog, my friends.

    I do think it’s interesting that they bring up the whole church and state thing. That must be in their original referral post, wherever that is. I think it is a worthy question actually: what does the Anabaptist do with the state in a post-Christendom society? For example, can we run for office? The intention for keeping a separation between the two, as I understand it, has always been to keep the purity of the Gospel, the purity of the church. Anabaptism has also always been about witnessing to the Gospel through visible faith. Personally, I believe that in our Western Democracy, we can live out that visible faith by keeping our state accountable to the ideals of the Gospel… as best we can.

    There are all kinds of practical issues that come up regarding this topic. Should churches really allow themselves to stay tax-exempt with its conditions? But then could you imagine paying taxes to our militaristic government with Anabaptist offerings and tithes?

    Pat McCullough

  7. I’m not sure what you mean by “went plural?” Can you say more, Pat?

    I am seriously all for the separation of church and state. In fact, I think my act of caring for poor people, in spite of state, is a tangible act of separation. So, I’m not so sure what those folk who are screaming separation are actually screaming about! They are an interesting lot, they are!

    Tax-exemption is a really good question, Pat. I could not see Anabaptists supporting militarism with peace tithes though. It is an interesting question.

    I resonate with your idea of “keeping the state accountable tot he ideas of the Gospel, as best we can.” I think that’s what the prophetic voice is for. Many, many people, however, have to understand that the Gospel is not an American product. It is a country all its own, if you will.

    Shawn Anthony

  8. Wow Shawn. I was beginning to think that the “good old days” were long gone. I don’t know if I can say I’m glad to see they haven’t. So you know National Geographic had an excellent article on the walls going up on our southern boarder, it was thought provoking and sad. Frankly I love how you seem to have a knack for getting hate mail from your brothers and sisters in Christ.


  9. LOL! Wes, no one writes better hate mail than brothers and sisters in Christ! I really like the “I truly hope you rot in hell!” notes. :)

    Shawn Anthony

  10. Well I thought penal substitution as a comparison for state government might qualify as well :D


  11. Right on! That was a great one too! It’ll definitely be on the greatest hits album. ;)

    Shawn Anthony

  12. I was referring to Carol’s response, who kept indicting “you people.”

    Pat McCullough

  13. Ah! Got it, Pat! Thanks, brother! That’s another one for the greatest hits album … coming to a record store near you soon! Peace to you my friend! :)

    Shawn Anthony

  14. Every Texan is an illegal immigrant in Mexico.

    Thom Stark

  15. … and there it is! It can’t be said better, or more honest, Thom. Well done!

    Shawn Anthony

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