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Life Way In Transit

Tagged Emerging, Missional, Anabaptism on May 22nd, 2007

If I am ever somehow seduced by what I will gently call “a thin, plastic, flashy, over-produced, over-marketed, theology lite, sales-pitchy form of Christianity,” someone please hit me straight upside my head with a righteous spade shovel. I’m serious. I thank God for serious Anabaptism and the Emerging/Missional Church. The combination of the two results in a Christian expression far removed from the aforementioned characterizations, but deeply planted in cultural relevancy. Amen. \0/

2 Responses to “A Request in the Form of a Note to Friends”

  1. Will do, friend!

    Thom Stark

  2. Thanks, brother. I’ll hold you to it! I have to admit this little request of mine was born as I took a look at a few new church plants/ecclesial directions that are supposed to be Anabaptist but seem to be more taken with seemingly thin, theology lite expressions. In fact, you can’t tell they are Anabaptist at all! Interestingly, the Gen x crowd is not the ones doing this sort of thing. It seems to be church planting Boomers and Generation Jones’. It is interesting, though I will pass for something with more depth and authenticity. I think there is a gang of 20-30 somethings who will pass with me too.

    Shawn Anthony

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