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The Week’s Must Read Blog Posts 05222007

Harley Davidson Marketing: “I haven’t been riding my motorcycle for very long. Nor have I ever owned or even ridden on a Harley Davidson brand motorcycle. But that really doesn’t matter, I’m not here to talk about what bikes I have or have not sat my butt upon. I’m here to talk about marketing. Even though I’ve never owned a Harley, they, and more interestingly, their riders, have a particular image they convey to me even as a ‘young’ rider. I want to talk a little about Harley marketing and then compare that to church marketing.”

What are Your Questions About Fasting: This weekend I asked about any fears you have towards fasting and I saw quite a few common fears that I would suspect many more people have. So to add to what we started I would like to know any questions you have about fasting.

A Missional Retreat (Not an Oxymoron): “A common misconception about what it means to be missional is that it really comes down to being outward focused and serving others. This is not the case. Cultivating a missional identity is deeper and more holistic than this. It has to do with investing time and energy in things which contribute to a group of people developing a certain character - becoming a certain kind of people so that they can interpret (and be interpreted by) Scripture together as well as discern the Spirit’s voice and leading in their midst. This opens the door for what I am calling a ‘Missional Retreat.’”

C.S. Lewis on Being Missional in a Post-Christendom World: “Okay, he didn’t use those words … but that’s what he was talking about. He said that we need to make a distinction between the way we communicate the gospel to those who hear for the first time, compared with those who have embraced and then rejected the good news. He used a somewhat fitting metaphor: ‘A person must court a virgin differently than a divorcee. One welcomes the charming words; the other needs a demonstration of love to overcome inbuilt skepticism.’”

Scot Mcknight on Evangelicals and Marian Dogmas (Interview): “The reason Scot Mcknight is such an amazing gift to the church is that he is humble enough to make his formidable skills as a New Testament scholar available to bloggers like me. I’ve been doing some study on the subject of Roman Catholic Marian dogmas, and Scot was kind enough to answer some questions for me on very short notice.”

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