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Life Way In Transit

Tagged Notes on June 07th, 2007

We are still in the process of moving all of our earthly belongings into our new nest. I sincerely detest - no I hate - moving. I’ll hire a moving company next time; I’m too old for this ridiculousness. I’ll be fairly quiet on the blog until we are settled into our new house. Why didn’t I hire a moving company? Eh.

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5 Responses to “Those Who Don’t Believe in The Fall Never Moved!”

  1. I’m right there with you man. I hate moving.

    Ben G.

  2. yeah - me too. Actually we’re moving three days after we get back from the UK!

    c. wess daniels

  3. @Ben - Plant yourself somewhere early and permanently. Nomadism (is that a word?) is over-rated and falsely glorified.

    @Wess - Well, I hope you enjoy your time in the UK! A move three days after your return is a pretty quick turn around. Where are you guys moving? Are you done at Fuller?

    Shawn Anthony

  4. We’re getting some folks to help with the moving on both sides (we’re driving the truck). It is worth it, after helping our friends load up. Your back will thank you…


  5. Yeah, we had help too, on both ends. Still, it is just a traumatic experience physically and emotionally. I do not want to repeat it very often. There is something inherently deep about uprooting and moving all of your “crap” to a brand new location. It’s not healthy, IMHO. I want a mailbox, permanently too. LOL!

    Shawn Anthony

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