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Life Way In Transit

Tagged Scribe on June 26th, 2007

The Daily Scribe is back! The domain name is once again in my possession. It’s a little bit tattered and slightly worn, but there is still life in it! A little water and sunshine will do it some much needed good.

The official announcement can be found here: Resurrecting The Daily Scribe Website. Stay tuned!

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9 Responses to “The Website Currently Known as The Daily Scribe”

  1. Awesome! I was hoping something like this would eventually happen! I’m looking forward to seeing what develops.

    Ben G.

  2. Wow! The Daily Scribe as Anabaptist exploration. Quite a shift! I look forward to seeing where it goes.

    Pat McCullough

  3. Hey Ben! Yeah, it needs a lot of work. I’ll be tweaking the project here and there, between life’s busy times of family, church planting, and other work. It’ll get there soon. The focus is going to be on quality writing and thinking … with a little pre-built social gadgetry thrown in to enhance. I couldn’t care less about big site status or pump-and-dump games. I just want to gather some of the best Anabaptist writers and thinkers “out there” and exchange ideas and information. Thus, the invite only status. :)

    There’s still a lot of work to be done on it.


  4. @Pat - Yes, it is a shift! I wasn’t really planning it, but the opportunity presented itself and I grabbed it. Once the design and architecture is solid enough (and debugged) I’ll be attempting to contact some Anabaptist pastors, scholars, and missionaries for participation. I have a few in mind already (you are one!). Do you have anyone in mind?

    Shawn Anthony

  5. PS: I’m talking non-blogging Anabaptist pastors, scholars, and missionaries. 90% of the people I have in mind do not blog at all. I’d love to see them have a page.

    Shawn Anthony

  6. Thanks! I’m flattered.

    You know what would be cool? If we could get all the BIC leadership team going on a group blog. If they didn’t feel pressured to have to post all the time, but still contribute a bit here and there, that’d be great. Maybe we could get something kind of like Washington Post/Newsweek’s fairly new On Faith thing, where Anabaptist leaders answer a weekly question, but they don’t have to answer every single one.

    Pat McCullough

  7. Exactly, Pat! I’m thinking some conference level folk and people at the Grantham HQ. I’m thinking an informal Church planters blog ala Acts29/Resurgence, but for BIC, of course. I’d love to see some of pastors and scholars who normally don’t blog post a few reflections. I’m thinking of people who go to Roxbury Camp (I’ll be there for a few days this year). I honestly believe these folk have a lot to contribute as regard history and heritage. I think we are due for a heritage lesson too. :)

    Blend the above with a dedicated conversation re: emerging culture and missional living and I think it could be a great little think-tank.

    Also, I agree that they would not have to post as regularly as some of us do. :)

    So … just brainstorming w/ you!

    Shawn Anthony

  8. Hope that was alright. I thought I had an account before so I just re-registered thinking it had been lost and it just let me back in. I hope I’ll be allowed to stay!!! :-) I’m so very excited about it. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Andrew Tatum

  9. Your staying, Andrew. Yes, happy birthday!

    Shawn Anthony

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