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Our Journey’s Primordial Silence is Genesis

Main Entry (Merriam-Webster): Pri•mor•di•al » Pronunciation: prI-’mor-dE-&l » Function: adjective » Etymology » Middle English, from Late Latin primordialis, from Latin primordium origin, from primus first + ordiri to begin — more at PRIME, ORDER 1 a : first created or developed : PRIMEVAL 1 b : existing in or persisting from the beginning (as of a solar system or universe) <a primordial gas cloud> c : earliest formed in the growth of an individual or organ : PRIMITIVE <primordial cells> 2 : FUNDAMENTAL, PRIMARY <primordial human joys — Sir Winston Churchill> - pri·mor·di·al·ly /-dE-&-lE/ adverb.

The journey begins in silence. Silence beckons as the adventure continues. Those who do partake of travel become familiar with an ancient silence that launched a million sojourns. There is still one more … There is always one more.

A vague but obvious hint of a necessary next step begets yet another life-pause laden with contemplation, meditation, consternation, and just enough anxiety to be tagged a crisis experience. Necessary next steps should not be taken lightly, and are not, by most. Next steps are important! They are too important to leave to the randomness of fatalistic fortunes more akin to fanaticism than authentic sojourning. No, our next steps are too important … and too frequent.

So, it is better to glance occasionally backward as one advances upon journey. An advance is founded upon past and present, and proportionately too! Where did you come from? Where did your journey begin? How did you begin? Wasn’t it quiet? Listen …

Silence launched a million spiritual journeys. Silence sustains two-fold the number. Those who are wise enough to revisit the primordial silence which launched their journey will continue the journey … and someday complete it.

We collect so much noise all along the way. It’s deafening, isn’t it? The attempt to be a quiet, spiritual person can prove itself to be a deafening experience after an extended period of honest trying. The point is to withdraw from noise and confusion, even for but a brief moment in time. The point is to reunite with one’s primordial silence. Revisit the silence that started it all. It is genesis …

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