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What Difference does Theological Thinking Make?

I recently stumbled upon and purchased a very, very interesting read: Theology That Matters: Ecology, Economy, and God, Edited by Darby Kathleen Ray. The book is constructed upon a very important question: “What difference does theological thinking make?” Theology does sometimes seem totally irrelevant, as far as the big and immediate picture that is life and living are concerned. Theologians tend to spend much time and energy on insider jargon, ecclesiastics, and apologetic-based arguments designed to meet the needs of an insatiable academy and its spiritual-sounding but extremely individualized ritual of cognitive calisthenics.

Meanwhile, authentic theology never touches the people in the streets.

Do we dare wonder what happened to the transformational power of Christianity?

This book places theology on our own day’s most tumultuous front: Ecology, Economy, and God. It challenges readers with the potential of a practical theology that engages our world’s most pressing issues. God does have much to say to us about such pressing issues.

I’ll have a lot more to say when I complete the read.

Side Note: I think we have the first text for our first Inner Metro Green Theological Seminar in Lancaster City! Watch for details!

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