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Tumble-like Feed Available at Tribe Now

I have a quick update before I journey back into my hiatus. I came out of it briefly due to some pretty cool events surrounding this whole Tumble-Hybrid project. First of all, the thing was linked to in our WordPress dashboards, by Matt, which was very, very cool. More than a few people seem interested in this form of simplified blogging. Also, Ben Grey of Openswitch went to Ronald Heft with a need for a simplified feed for Tumblelog-like blogs. Ronald rose to the occasion and released Tumblefeed 1.0. The guy is a genius! Thank you Ronald! Also, I can not thank Ben Grey enough for helping get the Tumblefeed plugin running correctly. Thanks, Ben!

The RSS feed for this site now only updates once per day. Once per day! It also groups all the posts for that day, in the day! So, you’ll get all the posts for one day one time per day. Your feedreaders will not be pummeled by my log anymore. So, feel free to subscribe to the new and improved Tumble-like feed here at Tribe.

So, now, I’m off. I have a few more design and aesthetic things to take care of before I take my break. So forgive the mess as I try to make this blog look like the sloppy paint job that I want it to look like. I may toss a few more posts up for reference as I finish my personal design. Peace.

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