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MCC Chapel CliffsNotes on Personal Faith Journey

I’m putting some thoughts together for tomorrow’s chapel conversation at Mennonite Central Committee. I was invited by the MCC’s International Program Department’s Executive Assistant to come and speak about my personal faith journey and Inner Metro Green. So, I’m reflecting a bit tonight about my journey. It’s constantly interesting to reflect upon where you’ve been, as far as faith journeys are concerned. It’s a good practice. Believers would do well to reflect on their journey regularly. I think looking back helps us all to keep moving forward.

At any rate, I thought I’d share a thought from the third section of my prep. notes:

3. Years spent searching for more of God.

  • 3.1. I studied and tried as many different denominational approaches and expressions as I could find.
  • 3.2. I deconstructed my own faith in undergraduate school.
  • 3.3. I reconstructed my faith in seminary.
  • 3.4. I had a major crisis of faith that I now refer to as “The Liberal Days.” It is a fitting tag, because, as I reflect, I now see it - religious liberalism - as the only option I could authentically embrace because I was then operating out of the very limited dichotomy that is North American Religious Conservatism and Religious Liberalism. I began as a Religious Conservative, so naturally I would find my only alternative in Religious Liberalism. Today, thank God, I find myself happily surfing somewhere beyond both. I like to refer to this oceanic wave by it’s historical or classical name: Anabaptism. People today sometimes call it “Emergent,” or “Emerging.” It’s basically the same thing, as far as praxis is concerned, though there is some room for reformed or Calvinistic theology in emerging circles, and I like a bit of history and tradition with my labels. So, Anabaptism it is. I also am not a Calvinist. So, that’s a big help.

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