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Jake Bouma’s Dying Stars EP

Dying Stars

Dying Stars is an EP released by Jake Bouma

Now I have something to add to my short list of music for those rare times when I’m not listening to classical or various film scores and/or soundtracks. I was planning on including snippets of each track in this post, but I think iTunes does a much better job of providing snippets. So, check out Dying Stars over at iTunes.

My rating: 4.0 stars

Dying Stars I have recently got to know Jake Bouma virtually through our interaction over at Scribe. He writes a great blog. I’m glad I was introduced to it. Jake is an awesome, honest, and passionate fellow, if his writing, expression, and online interaction is any indication. He’d make a great neighbor, if he didn’t live all the way out in West Des Moines, Iowa. In this virtual world of ours, however, distance doesn’t matter quite as much as it once did. You can get to know Jake online, a little bit. So, do spend some time digging through his blog posts.

A few of us over at Scribe have got to know Jake in this manner. I think we have benefited way more from the virtual relationship than has Jake! Why? Well, because it turns out that Jake not only writes, but he also makes great music! More than a few of us were given preview copies of an EP Jake put together called “Dying Stars.” I have a few thoughts about this EP. I’ll share them openly and honestly.

I used to love music. Music was big for me in the 90’s. Something happened, since then. It’s not good. I hate most of the music I hear today. I’m not sure why. I could be getting old, but I doubt it. I just think most music today is awful. It sucks. It’s all manufactured. Most of the popular “artists” are anything but “artists.” It’s as if the corporate beast from the mid-late 1980’s has been resurrected and empowered by the waning cultural tastes of the current inhabitants of our sad society. There are a few bright spots out there, but they are increasingly rare.

Jake Bouma is one of those bright spots shinning. The music on Dying Stars is authentic. It’s not manufactured. It’s raw, open, and emotional. It’s neither technically perfect, nor is computerized. It’s pure expression. It sounds like rock, or folk. I love it. It’s a mash up of sounds that remind me of Dylan, Mayer, Colbalt, Webb, and a little bit of Jars of Clay. I say “reminds” me, because the music on Dying Stars stands upon it’s own originality. In the end, it sounds like nobody, save Jake Bouma. It’s been a while since I have enjoyed music as much as I did this music.

My favorite tracks are Stuck in My Heart, A Nail, If You Return (I’ll Take It), and 98 Miles. I especially like 98 Miles. It’s a pithy but emotionally-laden song that runs a total of 1:33. I love it. It’s one of the most simple, poignant and artistic songs I have ever listened too. It sounds like a tale of a round trip that is both glorious and bitter, because someone important is being dropped off between trips. It’s a hard ride home without the person who made the ride there so glorious. That’s what I’m hearing in this song. It’s awesome. The structure is genius. There is no real chorus and the song ends by counting down the miles. 98, 97, 96 … It’s a hard journey home without the one who made the journey with you initially. This is my interpretation of the song. It could only be mine too. I love it!

Recommendation: Put this music in your iPod!

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