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A Middle East Council of Churches Mailing

I signed up to be on the mailing list for the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) while I was in Beirut in 2006. The following communique re: Bishop Boulos Faraj Rahho of the Chaldean Church in Iraq came this morning. I would not even be aware this was happening, if it were not for the MECC mailing.

The Presidents and the Executive Committee of the Middle East Council of Churches, who are meeting in Beirut-Lebanon, strongly condemn the Kidnap of the Chaldean Church of Mosul-Iraq Bishop Boulos Faraj Rahho. Such a violent act does not serve and help in the well-established relationships between Christians and Muslims, and threatens the coexistence which the council always affirms.

We call on the immediate and unconditional release of the Bishop. We also ask the Iraqi Government to maintain utmost efforts for the return of the Bishop to his church and flock.

While we are asking for this, we strongly affirm the importance of preserving the unity of Iraq as land and people. We also affirm the establishment of peace, reconciliation and coexistence.

Pray for Bishop Boulos Faraj Rahho and the larger church in Iraq.

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