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Personas for Firefox Web Browsers

Personas for Firefox

Personas for Firefox offers a far superior way to theme or personalize your Mozilla Firefox browser. Yesterday’s Firefox theme system and methodology feels archaic and clumsy in comparison. Personas renders the time-consuming and frustrating search for quality browser themes obsolete. Also gone is the need for downloading, installing, and restarting the browser to actually use any one theme. Personas is very similar to a CSS theme switcher. Install it and click the Firefox mask to access a menu loaded with categories and themes that can be applied to your browser with one click of your mouse. The personalizations are applied in real-time, before your very eyes! There is no need to download individual themes, install, or restart. It’s all right there in front of you.

If you are one looking to personalize or theme your Firefox browser, then go over to Mozilla Labs and grab Personas for Firefox. To use Personas you must download it, install, and restart your browser. From there, making graphic and visual changes to your theme can be accomplished with a click of your mouse.

Note: If you are not even using Firefox as your default browser then you honestly should rethink your entire existence. Well, perhaps that was a bit too much hyperbole, but seriously you should be using Firefox. If you are using that old dinosaur aka Internet Explorer 6 you should repent immediately and swap it for Firefox. So, go and download Firefox straight away!

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