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A Barna Report on Technology in the Church

Barna has a new report on the use of technology in the church. Interesting numbers, to say the least. Barna also says the following:

The incorporation of digital technologies into church-based ministry is an important frontier for churches to master, according to George Barna, who directed these studies for The Barna Group over the course of the decade.

My only question, and I can’t help but to ask, how does all of this - especially the above quote - jive with all that Barna proclaimed in his controversial book “Pagan Christianity?” Seriously? Is technology and the mastery of technology rooted in the New Testament way of doing church? I do think the church should get a grip on technology and use it for the Kingdom of God, but Barna sure shouldn’t be thinking so, after what was written in “Pagan Christianity,” should he? Barna has seriously lost me somewhere along the line. I guess I’m asking what is the purpose and/or goal of his research and research reporting, post “Pagan Christianity.”

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