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The Best Ever Animated GIF

This is pure awesomeness: the best ever animated gif.

13 Responses to “The Best Ever Animated GIF”

  1. Barb King Says:

    LOL…sure captures how it looks, too.

  2. Sigs Says:

    Oh geez. Straight talk express is awesome too. haha.

  3. Sigs Says:

    Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central (my hero by the way…) made a challenge on his show about a month back to “Make McCain Exciting” after McCain gave a speech in front of a green screen. The videos people came up with are hilarious:

    Don’t click the first video or it takes you to another site. I like the Highlander Edition and Through the Matrix. Thank you Colbert Nation :)

  4. Shawn Says:

    @Chris: Really? I have no idea how you figured that one out …

  5. Chris Flinchbaugh Says:

    Took me a while to figure it out but I am almost certain that this is from the Ben Stiller film ZOOLANDER. Wild.

  6. Shawn Says:

    LOL! He sure is! I have to say though that Obama is my favorite in this one … He’s a happy camper … :)

  7. Sigs Says:

    Joe Biden is killin it in the back seat!

  8. Shawn Says:

    LOL! You enjoy that one, eh? Good seeing you again this morning, brother.

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