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Written December 21st, 2006 with 2 Comments »

Our increasingly pluralistic and syncretistic secular society will - sooner or later - push the honest inquirer toward one important question regarding their acceptance or rejection of Jesus Christ. This question is, simply: “What is Christianity?” Today, there are so many, many voices claiming to be Christian. So many social and political ideologies masquerading as […]

Written November 30th, 2006 with 24 Comments »

The following statements are quick but very accurate summarizations of five basic theological propositions of religious and/or Christian liberalism (The topic was discussed in a seminary class re: Christianity in America. The points are taken from a class hand-out on the subject). I will be dedicating the next few major posts to each of these […]

Written November 27th, 2006 with No Comments »

Ravi Zacharias has to be one of the most important Christian theologians/apologists of our time. His work is beyond relevant for Christians living in our present pluralistic and syncretistic age. He writes, for example, in “Can Man Live Without God,” regarding the idea of “exclusivity” (a negative buzz word in contemporary camps that vehemently condemn […]

Written November 17th, 2006 with No Comments »

A serious problem with liberal religion - and liberal Christianity particularly - is its inconsistent reliance upon a specific form of Biblical interpretation known as “Reader Response Theory.” Postmodernists flock to this approach to Biblical interpretation because it sets up a standard around self and personal experience of self. What else would postmodernism be, if […]