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Harley Davidson Marketing: “I haven’t been riding my motorcycle for very long. Nor have I ever owned or even ridden on a Harley Davidson brand motorcycle. But that really doesn’t matter, I’m not here to talk about what bikes I have or have not sat my butt upon. I’m here to talk about marketing. Even though I’ve never owned a Harley, they, and more interestingly, their riders, have a particular image they convey to me even as a ‘young’ rider. I want to talk a little about Harley marketing and then compare that to church marketing.”

What are Your Questions About Fasting: This weekend I asked about any fears you have towards fasting and I saw quite a few common fears that I would suspect many more people have. So to add to what we started I would like to know any questions you have about fasting.

A Missional Retreat (Not an Oxymoron): “A common misconception about what it means to be missional is that it really comes down to being outward focused and serving others. This is not the case. Cultivating a missional identity is deeper and more holistic than this. It has to do with investing time and energy in things which contribute to a group of people developing a certain character - becoming a certain kind of people so that they can interpret (and be interpreted by) Scripture together as well as discern the Spirit’s voice and leading in their midst. This opens the door for what I am calling a ‘Missional Retreat.’”

C.S. Lewis on Being Missional in a Post-Christendom World: “Okay, he didn’t use those words … but that’s what he was talking about. He said that we need to make a distinction between the way we communicate the gospel to those who hear for the first time, compared with those who have embraced and then rejected the good news. He used a somewhat fitting metaphor: ‘A person must court a virgin differently than a divorcee. One welcomes the charming words; the other needs a demonstration of love to overcome inbuilt skepticism.’”

Scot Mcknight on Evangelicals and Marian Dogmas (Interview): “The reason Scot Mcknight is such an amazing gift to the church is that he is humble enough to make his formidable skills as a New Testament scholar available to bloggers like me. I’ve been doing some study on the subject of Roman Catholic Marian dogmas, and Scot was kind enough to answer some questions for me on very short notice.”

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I was invited to join a group of bloggers collectively known as “The Ooze Select Book Blogger Network.” The Ooze, in case you are curious, was born sometime in 1998 somewhere on the third floor of Spencer Burke’s garage. The Ooze is one of the earliest “postmodern” online Christian communities that I can recall. I vividly remember registering for Ooze membership during my undergraduate studies in theology @ VFCC. Good times …

At any rate, the Book Blogger network is composed of 50 alternative Christian voices. The official e-mail sums it up like this: “What is Ooze Select? A network of 50 blog voices who are the most recognized and respected for being honest, vibrant voices in what I call the ‘alternative Christian blogosphere’ - people who consistently write thoughtfully, readably, and prophetically from the nexus of Christ and culture. In my book, you are definitely one of these top 50.”

The 50 will be sent theology, spirituality, practical living, art, and literature books from major publishers for review on our blogs.

That’s awesome. Thank you! I’m grateful, humbled, and excited to be invited to join this network. Too, I love the whole idea of pilot programs between select publishers and emerging media (bloggers). So, I’ll be engaging this wonderful project with much excitement and zeal, as usual.

I’ll be diving into the first batch of titles received quickly. These titles are: “Yup. Nope. Maybe: A Woman’s Guide to Getting More Out of the Language of Men,” “Does this Dress Make Me Look Fat: A Man’s Guide to the Loaded Questions Women Ask,” and “Static: Tune Out the Christian Noise and Experience the Real Message of Jesus.” Again, I’ll be reading these books very, very soon. So, do watch for the reviews!

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Anabaptism and the Emerging Church: “Anabaptist and the emerging church. Horse and carriage? Chicken and egg? Chalk and cheese? It has been suggested by some (Carson, McKnight, Williams) that the emerging church in USA gravitates towards and resembles the early Anabaptist movement.”

Emerging Peace Church Movement & the Open Anabaptist Impulse: “Scot McKnight has said, ‘the sort of evangelicalism the Emerging Church Movement is striving for is anabaptist.’ Anna who?! Many know I spend a lot of my time teaching, preaching, ranting and running workshops about eco-justice and confrontational nonviolence, as integral to an engaged gospel spirituality.”

Bible Kombat: “Bible Fight, a Mortal Kombat-style battle game featuring famous Bible characters like Noah, Eve, and (if you use a cheat code) God Himself.”

New Urbanism And Sidewalks In The Kingdom: “The idea that space and location does something to us as people made in the image of God should be something that immediately resonates with our theology of city … For those of you in Urban Missions I’d love to hear your thoughts on New Urbanism and the role we as Kingdom minded Christians should play in relation to it.”

Selling Church to the World: “People aren’t stupid. They can see, better than most of us can, that the whole church thing is twisted. And they also see how closely we associate church with God/Jesus. They realize that the two are inseparable to us. We bring shame over and over again to Jesus by glorifying this manmade (sic) religious institution and all of its faults and foibles.”

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The Hypography space here at lofitribe is the place where links to great Christian weblogs are stashed. These are the newest additions to Lo-Fi Hypography:

1. Semper Reformanda 2. Dan Morehead 3. Daily Prayer Pal 4. Neumatikos 5. Mcilweb

Send me your link if you want to be listed on my Hypography page! Too, feel free to introduce yourself; I love finding new blogs.

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Project Honey Pot. Awesome. The battle to overcome bastardly spam scrapers just intensified! Lofitribe has its own active honey pot! It has its own stats page too.

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Viewing the Virginia Tech Tragedy Through a Community of Faith: “While I needed to come back to Los Angeles, my heart is still with my first church plant at Virginia Tech - [nlcf].”

On Losing My Speedo: “My car is a wonder of modern American disposable engineering. A cheap compact with no frills and over 140 thousand miles, it astounds and delights me every time the engine cranks over (I am part Scot). Lately, in addition to various other mysterious signs of aging, the speedometer just stops working at random. Mostly it works, but it can cut out at any time.”

The Twixters Phenomenon & Ministering to 20 Somethings: “If you are ministering to people in their twenties I think it is of incredible importance that you take time to consider the ‘twixter phenomenon.’ What is a twixter?”

Culturally Savvy Staub (Part 1): “Dick Staub has just come out with a book called The Culturally Savvy Christian, where he lays out the cultural situations that Christianity finds itself in today … He also desires to help Christians relate back to our current culture in a God honoring way.”

Biker Jesus Action Figure: “Okay, now I’ve seen it all! Biker Jesus action figure. There’s also Rodeo Jesus, Surfer Jesus, Football Jesus, Soccer Jesus, and ‘Will Work for Food’ Jesus.”

Allelon: Video Interview with Ryan Bolger on Emerging and Missional Churches: “There is great half-hour video of my PhD advisor, Ryan Bolger, where he discusses what emerging churches and missional churches are.”

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Bill Uhrich Kudos to my friend and fellow Lancaster Theological Seminary classmate Bill Uhrich for winning first place in the 2007 Keystone Awards Contest sponsored by the Pennsylvania Society of Newspaper Editors. The Keystone Awards Contest is administered by the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association Foundation. Bill is an environmental columnist and photo editor for the Reading Eagle, in Reading, PA. He is graduating from Lancaster Theological Seminary in a few weeks with a Master of Arts in Religion. Too, be sure to check out Bill’s fantastic new blog re: Falcons! Congratulations Bill!

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Wordpress Themes Update: I just added another Wordpress theme to the lofi catalogue: Hematite. “What in the world is a Hematite,” you ask? Google is the way; do some research. I’ll say this, it still sort of fits my whole “Sublunary Series” theme. Too, you can peruse my themes at my live theme viewer. Note: my live theme viewer is a sandbox too. So, you’ll usually find unfinished things and works in progress growing there.

One more note, re: the whole “Sponsored Wordpress Theme” brouhaha emerging in the Wordpress community. You can read all about it at Matt’s place, and at Weblog Tools Collection. You can also vote on banning or keeping sponsored themes from Wordpress.org at WP Community Forum.

Personally, I think Matt is right: sponsored theme links/downloads should not be hosted at Wordpress. Furthermore, to show my support and give back to the community in an positive way, I switched the licensing on all my themes to GPL. I think Small Potato (a cool theme designer) said it as good as it could be said: “… I believe that switching to GPL is a step in the direction to support the WordPress team and to help the WordPress theme community grow (positively).”

So, in the spirit of community, I say enjoy my themes! Peace & blessings!

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Theologians Start with Questions and Need Humility: It often seems like the humility part is the hardest to come by. For me I like being creative with questions, finding the ‘radical’ questions intrigue, I guess that’s why I am studying the stuff I am, but the humility part … well that’s not so easy.”

Free Online Seminary: “If you fear the sunlight and the possibility of social interaction, you might be interested in Gordon-Conwell’s new offer. They are offering a free online layman’s seminary called Dimensions of the Faith. The classes are self-paced via streaming audio via RealPlayer with an accompanying study guide.”

Wow. I Should Repent Now, I Guess: “I’m glad this guy doesn’t allow comments on his site. Somehow our humble Twin Cities Emergent Cohort has come under the grumpy scrutiny …”

Vote Now for the PTS Logo Submissions: “There are 22 different entries you can vote for. You are allowed one vote for the People’s Choice Award. The winner will receive a $10 iTunes Gift Card. Please leave a comment on the entry with the number of the logo you like.”

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The Hypography space here at lofitribe is the place where I stash my links to great Christian weblogs. I stumble onto some of these while journeying ’round the blogosphere; others are introduced to me; most are online ‘friends’. I put really good links in here, so check them out and watch them evolve!

These are the newest additions to Hypography:

1. Unspace 2. Dream Awakener 3. Jason Clark 4. Nick Vujicic

Send me your link if you want to be listed on my Hypography page! Too, feel free to introduce yourself; I love finding new blogs.