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Downe In Yon Forest by Kemper Crabb

A growing number of web marketers and publishers send relevant products specifically for review here at Tribe (e.g. books, music, curriculum, etc.). In fact, I’m 20+ products behind at the moment! Don’t worry, I’m digging my way out! At any rate, the point I want to make at the moment is that every once in a while a sent product really, really excites me. Don’t mishear me! A lot of the products reviewed are really great and highly recommended resources (some are awful too)! It’s rare that a product sent actually excites me too! I received just such a product this morning. Read More »

These Cold And Rusted Lungs by Amy Courts

Amy Courts

These Cold And Rusted Lungs

These Cold And Rusted Lungs is the debut full-length record release by artist and musician Amy Courts

Amy Courts is preparing to release the follow up to her successful self-titled EP. These Cold And Rusted Lungs is scheduled for a July 29th release. Honestly, I didn’t know who Amy Courts was one week ago, and I never before listened to any of her music. But after a few listens of an advanced copy of the disc (sent for review on Tribe), I became an instant fan. Music connoisseurs rejoice! These Cold And Rusted Lungs is not only radio friendly, but also artistically poignant and rich! That’s a rare feat for any contemporary artist, but especially so for one whose career is built upon an independently released EP.

My rating: 5.0 stars

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Restoration by Nathan Horst

Restoration by Nathan Horst

Restoration is a brand new album written and recorded by Nathan Horst.

Restoration is personable and raw and spiritually accessible. In other words, I can push play and actually worship along with the artist because his musical craft is his own personal offering to God, first and foremost; he just happens to be benevolently sharing the experience with the rest of us. Incidentally, there is a huge difference between shared craft and musical formulas built upon premeditated aims at commercial success. The former is an experience; the later is predictable pop. Restoration is a soulful and artistic compilation of an obvious and shared musical craft born deep within the artist’s personal spiritual pilgrimage. It is musical expression that spans the gamut of all that is passionate, celebratory, praiseful, melodic, melancholic, moody, electronic and artful. Restoration is always artful. Nathan Horst is a quality song writer and musician.

My rating: 4.0 stars

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Ampersand EP by Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken

Ampersand EP

An EP by Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken

I nonchalantly clicked over to the, and listened to the song samples. I wasn’t really expecting too much. To my pleasant surprise, the listen changed my entire evening! I love the EP. I am a big, big fan of Caedmon’s Call, Webb, etc., but I already dig Ampersand more than anything either has previously produced. It’s really beautiful, melodic music. It made for a wonderful, peaceful, and relaxing background soundtrack for my late evening of prayerful work and contemplation. I love great music.

My rating: 4.5 stars

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Jake Bouma’s Dying Stars EP

Dying Stars

Dying Stars is an EP released by Jake Bouma

Now I have something to add to my short list of music for those rare times when I’m not listening to classical or various film scores and/or soundtracks. I was planning on including snippets of each track in this post, but I think iTunes does a much better job of providing snippets. So, check out Dying Stars over at iTunes.

My rating: 4.0 stars

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Listening to Theology by Sinead O’Connor

Will Conservative American Christian retail outlets stock their shelves with Sinead O’Connor’s Theology? Probably, not. Read More »