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Written May 09th, 2007 with 15 Comments »

So, the other day I posted an article re: our country’s need for immigration reform, and even more importantly than that, the need for Christians to treat poor and needy people as they themselves would like to be treated if they were poor and needy. I’m not sure where I got that crazy idea from; […]

Written May 05th, 2007 with 37 Comments »

Christians Launch Ad, Grassroots Campaign Calling for Comprehensive Immigration Reform: (Washington, DC) – According to Faith in Public Life, “Evangelical Christians from across the ideological spectrum will launch a national grassroots and ad campaign calling for comprehensive immigration reform that is consistent with biblical values Monday at 11:30 AM on Capitol Hill. Christians for Comprehensive […]

Written March 29th, 2007 with No Comments »

Katie Barge, Director of Communications for Faith in Public Life (Faith in Public Life is a communications and organizing resource center for faith leaders sharing a call to pursue justice and the common good), forwarded the following very, very important information:
Leading Conservative White, Hispanic Evangelicals Issue Evangelical Call to Action on Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Sens. Kennedy, […]

Written March 23rd, 2007 with No Comments »

My reflections re: Carl F. H. Henry’s The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism (1947) are admittedly clouded, or, better said, biased. Why? How so? Well, maybe my admitted short-sightedness has something to do with the days in which I live, the thick socio-political atmosphere of my country and the larger world, and/or too much 24 […]

Written March 15th, 2007 with No Comments »

I regularly receive e-mail comments, statements, and/or suggestions from my readers. I deeply appreciate them all. I sometimes receive a comment, statement, or suggestion that is seriously post worthy. This was the case with the following e-mail (posted in full, and with reader’s permission), sent to me from a wonderful teacher at a missionary training […]

Written March 14th, 2007 with 1 Comment »

(Washington, DC) – Christian Peace Witness for Iraq will begin with a worship service on Friday, March 16 at Washington National Cathedral to be attended by more than 3,500 people of faith from 48 states, followed by a candlelight procession through the center of our nation’s capital, where thousands will surround the White House bearing […]

Written March 13th, 2007 with 1 Comment »

Helen Barrett Montgomery is as inspirational and challenging as Dorothy Day and her Catholic Worker Movement. Montgomery wrote extensively for her denomination’s weekly news and comment journal – aka “The Baptist.” More importantly than the work she did, however, was the content of the work actually submitted. Montgomery’s work was characterized by an authority all […]

Written March 13th, 2007 with No Comments »

Walter Rauschenbusch advanced the social gospel from a position of wealth and privilege. Washington Gladden at least tried to build a bridge between Protestantism and the working class poor; the same can’t be said for Rauschenbusch. The real-time separation existing between poor, working class people and social Gospel aficionados is a reality with which few […]

Written December 30th, 2006 with No Comments »

Note: The following is a short piece I wrote for a leadership class I recently completed at the liberal seminary I attend. The class drive was toward what was called “transformative leadership.” The practical and theological question(s) inherent to my following reflections are being asked from within a specific context, and speak directly to this […]

Written November 11th, 2006 with No Comments »

The late medieval period of the Catholic Church can be best described with two words: severely fraudulent. Writers during this unfortunate period in Christian history were seeking a drastic and absolutely necessary reformation from the top down. In other words, they desired an ethical change in ecclesiastical leadership which would benefit the masses by making […]